Check out our blogs and customer stories


Check out our blog and our customer stories

Over 50 Finnish museums, foundations, and archives already trust Collecte. But what is Collecte all about? Let us explain.
Museoliitto and Network of European Museum Organization NEMO organize the European Museum Conference event "and... ACTION! Museums in the climate crisis"
In an era of digital resources, the concept of a digital archive is a departure from the analog content we
In recent years, museums have embraced sustainability as a central pillar in their strategic policies, not only to secure their
Having a digital strategy is crucial for an organization’s success in the digital age. It allows for mapping out potential
We have gained two new members to Collecte's steering group for the years 2022-2024: Project designer Susanna Hakkarainen from Helsinki University Museum and....
Maintenance of the Musketti collection management system will end at the end of 2022. Time for this is about 1.5 years, which is...
Cultural and heritage institutions have recognized that in order to maintain social presence and broaden access to some of their
We walk our grandfathers’ steps, we listen to our matriarchs’ songs, we play our ancestors’ games, we dress like them,

Our customers

More than 50 museums, foundations and archives already trust College. We are compiling information about our client cases on our website.