Finnish, intuitive and adaptable collection management system for managing collections of all sizes

"I have used Collecte and its predecessor E-Image for "everything possible"; basic cataloguing, small and large inventory projects, information and other customer service, collection changes, archive reorganisation, exhibition planning"
Susanna Hakkarainen, University Museum of Helsinki, Member of the Collecte Steering Group.


Key features

Collecte is a Finnish, intuitive and adaptable collection management system that enables cataloguing according to the international CIDOC CRM model.

Collecten avulla museot, säätiöt ja yhdistykset saavat yhtenäisen ja keskitetyn luettelointi- ja tallennusratkaisun esineistölleen;
taideteoksille, valaisimille tai esimerkiksi kalusteille. Collecteen tallentuvat vaivattomasti myös mm. valokuvat ja näin ollen se soveltuu erinomaisesti myös eri kokoisten yhdistysten käyttöön.

  • Data card

    Contains key (classification) information about the object.

  • Different categories of data

    The categories of material follow the categories of the objects, photographs, open material, works of art and archives. By adding archive forms, the classification of material can be further refined if desired.

  • Extensive search functions

    Search from all storage fields, including by data category. The search results can also be exported to Excel (e.g. as a basis for determining the insurance value of the material or for a report on purchase lots).

  • Mobile-responsive

    A responsive user experience brings convenience and allows you to use Collecte anywhere, anytime.

  • Saas service

    The system operates as a cloud-based SaaS service, where each customer has its own database

  • Connected to Finna

    The interface allows data to be sent directly to Finna

The benefits of Collecte

Easy to use and easy to operate

The service is designed to be flexible and easy to use. We offer Collect as a SaaS service. The service is hosted on servers located in Finland.

Flexible for your own use and efficient for Finna

Customisable storage forms and Finna connectivity form the core of collection management. Publishing data to Finna means that you don't have to worry about your own publishing system. The size of our customers' collections varies widely. We plan our disk space needs on a client-by-client basis. If/when the collection expands and the amount of material increases, the disk space on the server will increase as needed. Costs are also determined by the size of the collection. So you only pay for what you need.

Making digital assets useful

Collecte provides a digital repository for virtually any type of material object. The system stores all information about the material, from the insurance value to the acquisition lot to the image file.

Extensive search functions make it possible to download the results from the data, for example to an Excel file. The collection management system can also be used for recording regional cultural heritage and the data can be used for research, for example.

By using a digital collection management tool, your data is safe, up-to-date and complete on backed-up servers. Missing data is easy to find and can be filled in when needed.

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