collection management
that is trusted by over 50 museums and organisations

With Collecte you can also preserve and manage data on built and archaeological cultural environments

Collecte - Digital management of collections and cultural environments

Collecte has two modules. The first one enables cost-effective, traditional management and cataloging of collections.

Object descriptions, artwork images, insurance value, condition data and, for example, information related to the acquisition lot are easily stored in Collective.

Up-to-date data about a collection can be transferred to Finna with an API. 

The second module of Collecte enables the management of data on built and archaeological cultural environments. You can save, manage and administer data and digital material that was produced by archaeological reports, research on buildings and similar projects.

The cultural environment module of Collecte lets you manage built and archaeological environments digitally and in a completely new way.

Because Collecte is a browser-based SaaS service, customers can implement it easily and it makes collection management cost-effective. 

Collecte is trusted by dozens of museums, foundations and archives across Finland.

Museums, foundations, archives and associations can save their collections in Collecte in digital form. Versatile search functions let you use collection data for various purposes, such as exhibitions and research.

With connections to services like FInna, organisations that use Collecte can share data on their collections in digital form to a wide audience. Collections can be combined to tell a story about their respective era or local history.

The new cultural environment module enables museums and foundations to digitise materials on built environments. Such material is nearly always tied to a geographical location. This coordinate-based data can be created from an empty form template or drawn on a map.

Our customers

More than 50 museums, foundations and archives already trust Collecte.

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