How does Collecte digitize cultural heritage in a customer-centric way?

How does Collecte digitize cultural heritage in a customer-centric way?

Over 50 Finnish museums, foundations, and archives already trust Collecte. But what is Collecte all about? Let us explain.

Our mission is simple. We want to ensure the effortless preservation of cultural heritage digitally. Collection management can be a cumbersome process in the jungle of outdated software, consuming valuable time of employees. Our SaaS service enables the seamless adoption of Collecte regardless of the starting point, and we are experienced in transferring collections from one system to another.

The functionalities of our platform are always developed with the customer in mind. Through the guidance of Collecte's steering group, we maintain close contact with professionals in the museum sector to stay abreast of customers' evolving needs. 

In Collecte, you can easily navigate between different types of materials. Whether your materials are objects, photographs, or audiovisual content, you can manage them effortlessly even on mobile devices! With advanced search functions, you can quickly find the information you need. Material cards are customizable to suit the customer's needs, making it as simple as possible to import, borrow, and transfer collections!

And best of all, Collecte integrates with Finna, enabling safe sharing of materials. The opportunities brought by artificial intelligence are also evident in Collecte, as Finto AI assists in describing content by suggesting suitable keywords. You'll hear more about the development of these features soon!

Did you know that Collecte is also used at the Finnish Forest Museum Lusto in Punkaharju and the Alvar Aalto Museum in Jyväskylä? So don't struggle alone with collection management; take the first step towards peace of mind with Collecte! 

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