15.03. / 2021 / Admin

Kävelemme esi-isiemme jäljissä, kuuntelemme äitiemme lauluja ja tarinoita, leikimme sukupolvelta toiselle siirtyneitä leikkejä, ilmaisemme itseämme ja aikaamme valinnoillamme, rakennamme tulevaisuutta menneisyyden hartioilla. Historia on osoitus jatkumosta, jonka osia olemme.
We celebrate our Finnishness by preserving our past achievements with robust tools that reach out for our future generations. We strengthen our identity as Finns by sharing with others our digital tools that serve as pillars for building up the happiest country in the world.

With Collecte, organizations can archive and share efficiently one’s own communal history, supporting societies for developing a nation-wide project.

As a digital archiving platform, Collecte transpass the limits of time and space by preserving, organizing, and sharing cultural heritage. Beyond that, Collecte supports the manipulation of objects towards innovative cultural production.