“Shall I bring these songs together, From the cold and frost collect them? Shall I bring this nest of boxes, Keepers of these golden legends, To the table in my cabin, Underneath the painted rafters, In this house renowned and ancient? Shall I now these boxes open, Boxes filled with wondrous stories? Shall I now the end unfasten Of this ball of ancient wisdom, These ancestral lays unravel? – Kalevala, Finland’s national epic



Founded in 2009, Userix has over a decade of experience serving Finnish museums and archives with collection management software. Customer-centricity lies in the heart of Userix, as our software development is directed and prioritized in a steering group consisting of our customers. Userix is a subsidiary of Eduix.


For a quarter of a century, Eduix has served the Finnish higher education sector with high-quality tools to enable the planning, supporting and reporting of education. In addition to higher education institutions, Eduix provides several cities and municipalities in Finland with software for digital form-based services.

Collecte Steering Group

Kimmo Kestinen (chairman), special designer, The Finnish Labour Museum Werstas

Juho Haavisto, specialist, Association for Rural Culture and Education)       

Anna-Riikka Vaden, researcher, Lahti Museums

Mikko Aho, amanuensis, Rauma Maritime Museum

Panu Rissanen, researcher, Police Museum

Mikko Sola, product manager, Userix Oy

Expert member invited by the steering group: Maija Ekosaari

Mikko Sola

Product manager

Lais Oliveira Leite

International Sales